Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Quest Chain of a Lifetime...

Update: Thanks to everyone for the comments and well-wishing! We've very happy to see all the positive attention from everyone (over 18k views!), thanks to the WoW forums, Reddit, and Kotaku. My fiancee decided that we need a better image of the ring, so I've added one to the very end. Also, since there appears to be some confusion, my name is Michael and I am a male.

I was contemplating how to present Clara with her engagement ring, when I came across a blog called Unofficial World of Warcraft Papercrafts.  This site had the perfect ring box: an origami treasure chest. After a dry run using printer paper, I had the template printed out on card stock at FedEx Office and prepared to create the final version.  Even better, this Warcraft-style ring box provided me with the perfect theme for the final proposal.... 

After what seemed to me to be an inordinate amount of searching on Google, I found a website that allowed the creation of custom World of Warcraft tooltips. With that tool, some quest background images I found somewhere online, and the Morpheus font, I was ready to start building some quests.  After crafting several quests, all of which ultimately involved eating at fun local restaurants, I started putting all the pieces together.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Look, it's a quest! The initial quest
Time to turn it in Looks like another quest...
...and another one. Looks like we've hit the end of our quest chain
I wonder what could be inside?
Achievement: Engaged!


  1. How creative and romantic! To many years of happiness!

  2. That is insanely cute and creative. Best thing I have seen all day :D congrats and FTH! :D

  3. Hat's off to you, good sir. I wish you both happiness. :)

  4. Good luck, happiness to you and Clara!!

  5. Very well done, even for the Horde! Best wishes.

  6. Shouldn't the ring have been "Bind on Equip"? Seems a bit presumptuous to make it soulbound... ;)

  7. So awesome!!! *high five* for nerdy creativity! :D

  8. This makes me wish that my wife and I were into WoW when we met. Gratz to the both of much experience did Clara get for quest turn ins by the way? lol

  9. Congrats! This is really adorable and awesome :-)

  10. just because it's soulbound doesn't mean you HAVE to wear it... :) glad she did! that's totally awesome! :) so creative and well done.

  11. Congratulations! What a fantastic proposal!

  12. Congratulations! This is awesome

    Could you help with something? I have a friends batchelor party coming up and would love to be able to write and print off some custom quests for him to attempt.

    I have followed some of the links you have posted but am not getting any luck in terms of where to download the quest templates, font etc.

    Would you mind posting whre you got these from so I can do this?


    1. I used Photoshop to put the quests together, but you could use whatever works best for you. I believe that the font I used was Morpheus, which can be found easily enough online. I've linked to a zip file with the rest of the assets below. Good luck, and I'd love to hear how it goes. Let me know if you need anything else!