Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Quest Chain of a Lifetime...

Update: Thanks to everyone for the comments and well-wishing! We've very happy to see all the positive attention from everyone (over 18k views!), thanks to the WoW forums, Reddit, and Kotaku. My fiancee decided that we need a better image of the ring, so I've added one to the very end. Also, since there appears to be some confusion, my name is Michael and I am a male.

I was contemplating how to present Clara with her engagement ring, when I came across a blog called Unofficial World of Warcraft Papercrafts.  This site had the perfect ring box: an origami treasure chest. After a dry run using printer paper, I had the template printed out on card stock at FedEx Office and prepared to create the final version.  Even better, this Warcraft-style ring box provided me with the perfect theme for the final proposal.... 

After what seemed to me to be an inordinate amount of searching on Google, I found a website that allowed the creation of custom World of Warcraft tooltips. With that tool, some quest background images I found somewhere online, and the Morpheus font, I was ready to start building some quests.  After crafting several quests, all of which ultimately involved eating at fun local restaurants, I started putting all the pieces together.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Look, it's a quest! The initial quest
Time to turn it in Looks like another quest...
...and another one. Looks like we've hit the end of our quest chain
I wonder what could be inside?
Achievement: Engaged!