Monday, November 11, 2013

The Quest Reward of a Lifetime: The Wedding of Warcraft

In which she who quests become she for whom is quested.

This blog post is a continuation of The Quest Chain Of A Lifetime, in which our heroic author proposed to his lovely lady through an epic real-life quest chain.

This informative sign never saw the light of day.

  As we began planning and preparing for our wedding, Clara remained adamant that this would be an event sans World of Warcraft.  While I suggested that "Lament of the Highborne" would make an excellent song to accompany her march down the aisle and even drafted a sign to explain to wedding attendees where to sit, she would not be swayed.

Dual Horde emblem cufflinks (+5 to Style)

   In the end, she allowed me to hide miniscule, mostly-transparent Horde emblem hearts in the wedding invitation, as well as design my own cuff links. As we got closer to the event, however, she indicated that there were a few wedding surprises planned for the day. Being rather busy at the time (I was helping to put together a wedding), I didn't spend much effort in contemplating what these surprises might be.

A simple quest for our waiting groom.

   On the day of the wedding, as I was awaiting the cue to end my isolation in the men's preparation room, a contingent of bridesmaids arrived to exchange bride and groom gifts and provide me the first surprise: my very own quest.
Notice the small loot box on the right.

   My best man Bobby had apparently been briefed on the planned surprises, as he made his entrance to the ceremony with some additional loot. As it turns out, the talented Bethany, one of Clara's bridesmaids, had built a slightly larger and somewhat sturdier version of the golden papercraft chest I had created for the proposal.

Quest turn-in in a box.

   When the time came to exchange rings, Bobby came forward with the golden chest and I had the pleasure of revealing the final quest reward to the assembled wedding party and guests. Even better, Clara had snuck away my wedding band before the wedding and had the word "soulbound" engraved on the inside.
My Band of Binding The ring in its place of honor.
For the Horde!

   With the ceremony over, we proceeded to the reception, where we showed our Horde spirit with a classic Warcraft groom's cake, which was very well-executed by our Sugar Artist.

Honeymoon! Representing on Takeshita Street
What with our epic wedding and an amazing whirlwind honeymoon (which included a cat cafe), we weren't able to afford the time for a trip to BlizzCon, but there's always next year!

-Michael "Khalanil" Kennedy

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Quest Chain of a Lifetime...

Update: Thanks to everyone for the comments and well-wishing! We've very happy to see all the positive attention from everyone (over 18k views!), thanks to the WoW forums, Reddit, and Kotaku. My fiancee decided that we need a better image of the ring, so I've added one to the very end. Also, since there appears to be some confusion, my name is Michael and I am a male.

I was contemplating how to present Clara with her engagement ring, when I came across a blog called Unofficial World of Warcraft Papercrafts.  This site had the perfect ring box: an origami treasure chest. After a dry run using printer paper, I had the template printed out on card stock at FedEx Office and prepared to create the final version.  Even better, this Warcraft-style ring box provided me with the perfect theme for the final proposal.... 

After what seemed to me to be an inordinate amount of searching on Google, I found a website that allowed the creation of custom World of Warcraft tooltips. With that tool, some quest background images I found somewhere online, and the Morpheus font, I was ready to start building some quests.  After crafting several quests, all of which ultimately involved eating at fun local restaurants, I started putting all the pieces together.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Look, it's a quest! The initial quest
Time to turn it in Looks like another quest...
...and another one. Looks like we've hit the end of our quest chain
I wonder what could be inside?
Achievement: Engaged!